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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I install Seek ’n Spell?

To install Seek ’n Spell, go to the App Store on your phone or the iTunes Store on your computer. Search for Seek ’n Spell and click "buy app." If you got Seek ’n Spell from your phone, the icon will appear on your home screen and start to download immediately. If you got Seek ’n Spell on your computer, sync with iTunes for Seek ’n Spell to load onto your phone.

How do I play?

Please take a look at our How to Play Instructions

To play Seek ’n Spell, grab some friends with iPhones and head to the nearest outdoor space. Since Seek ’n Spell uses the iPhone’s GPS, it’s best if you go somewhere without a lot of trees or tall buildings that will interfere with the signal. Go to the center of the space and start or join the game. Set the time limit for the game and enter your initials so everyone will see you on the map. The phone will load a map of your location and drop letter tiles around the playing field.

When the game begins, run around to pick up as many letters as you can. You pick up a letter when your location matches the letter’s location. You are allowed to have ten letters at a time, and need to build as many words as you can. The more letters in your words, the more points you get, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Can I play Seek ’n Spell by myself?

Technically yes. You can run the game, set a time limit and use your phone to find letters... but where’s your competitive spirit? Get a couple friends to join in the fun, and you’ll be playing Seek ’n Spell for real.

I have a pre-3G iPhone. Can I play Seek ’n Spell?

Unfortunately no. Since the game uses the GPS and GPS isn’t available in the pre-3G phones, the game won’t work.

Why do you suggest I turn off Wifi?

During the game, if your phone picks up a wifi network, it might inturrupt/interfere with the cellular network which Seek ’n Spell uses to keep track of the game. Turning off Wifi just makes sure this won't happen.

Can I play inside?

Nope. You usually can’t receive a GPS signal inside, so the game won’t work indoors.

I’m getting a Satellite or Location error

Make sure that you’re in an outside location where there aren’t a lot of trees or tall buildings. These will interfere with the GPS signal and cause that error.

I’m outside, with a clear view of the sky, but I’m still having problems connecting

Reboot your phone and try again.

I’m not seeing the arial photo of my Location

For some locations there isn’t any detailed map data available. You can still play without the map, just think of it as a "challenge" version for skilled players.

The game isn’t starting up

Try rebooting your phone. If it still doesn’t start, you might have to reinstall the software.

How do I reinstall Seek ’n Spell?

In the iPhone’s home screen, press and hold the Seek ’n Spell icon until all the apps start to wiggle. An "x" will appear next to any downloaded app; press the "x" next to Seek ’n Spell to delete it. Once deleted, go to the AppStore or iTunes to "buy" it again. As long as you use the same account that you did for the original purchase, you won’t be charged again!

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I love Seek ’n Spell!!

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